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Advanced science: energy conversion and flexible energy storage based on fast preparation of mxene component nanowires without fluoride

wallpapers News 2020-10-17
Since the advent of graphene

scientists have been working to uncover the mystery of the unique physical chemical properties of two-dimensional materials. However most two-dimensional materials are unstable in high temperature or high humidity environment. Since the discovery of two-dimensional transition metal carbides or nitrides (mxene) by gogotsi barsoum research teams in 2011 mxene has attracted extensive attention in the fields of electrochemical catalysis energy conversion storage due to its high stability high hydrophilicity. Mxene is usually expressed by the chemical formula of Mn 1xntx (n = 1 2 3) where M represents the early transition metals (such as Ti Nb Cr V) X represents the elements C N TX represents the functional groups of - Oh - O - Cl - F. Based on abundant functional groups mxene can flexibly adapt to various composite systems has high mechanical strength electrical conductivity. However the conventional preparation methods of mxene usually involve the synthesis route of dangerous high concentration fluoride corrosion for a long time. The careless use of highly corrosive toxic hydrofluoric acid will lead to poisoning even death. At the same time the unstable - f functional group in HF etched mxene may also inhibit the stability of electrochemical reaction under electrolyte / electrode interaction. In addition the 2D stacking structure bonding force of mxene have an impact on the surface dynamics ion exchange process resulting in some constraints in the development application of some energy sources.

Professor Hao Jianhua Department of Applied Physics Hong Kong Polytechnic University has developed a novel stable nb2ctx nanowire carbon fiber cloth composite device without using HF. This is a new breakthrough in the 1D / 3D structure of mxene related compounds by using the self-assembly characteristics following the general strategy for the safe synthesis of 2D mxene without fluorine (J. am. Chem. SOC. 141 9610 (2019)) proposed by the research team last year. Compared with the traditional 2D nb2ctx nanosheets HF etched nb2ctx nanowires the results show that the energy storage conversion activity of the system can be greatly improved by combining the appropriate flexible substrate properly designed mxene compound. Compared with the traditional synthesis method the synthesis time of the improved electrochemical etching method is greatly reduced to 4 hours. With lower internal resistance more reaction sites NBC nanowires exhibit lower hydrogen oxygen release Overpotentials. By using the novel design strategy the water-based flexible battery shows good cycling performance can maintain stable power output under deformation conditions. The results are conducive to a wide range of flexible energy storage applications. The researchers of

believe that this work will pave the way for the further basic research multi-functional application of these materials with a novel non-toxic safe method for the rapid synthesis of mxene component nanowires. This strategy of combining the advantages of flexible materials solid nanowires will also provide a reference for the research application of other material systems.

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