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Advanced science: for energy

wallpapers News 2020-09-19
With the emergence of new energy in the national production life

how to further promote the development of new energy optimize the new energy system reduce the cost of new energy conversion has become the focus of increasing concern of researchers. In the current energy system non renewable energy such as coal oil natural gas accounts for more than 80% of the total global energy consumption which has caused serious problems to the global environment ecology is increasingly threatening the only living environment of human beings. Therefore new clean energy has been vigorously researched developed new electric vehicles are more more popular; people also realize the importance of protecting the environment maintaining ecological balance. However behind the new electric vehicles we still face the problem of where electricity comes from. As we all know thermal power generation nuclear power solar energy wind energy hydropower are the main sources of power. Although solar energy wind energy hydropower have the advantages of no emission energy saving the main power generation mode is still thermal power generation. At the same time the construction of electric vehicle battery greatly improves its manufacturing cost limits its application because of the addition of precious metal electrodes More extensive applications. Therefore the further development of new clean energy reduce the cost of use is the key topic of current research.

hydrogen (H2) as an emerging high-efficiency clean energy plays an increasingly important role in the new energy system. Its energy released in the combustion process turns back to H2O realizing the clean recycling use of energy will play an important role in the future energy application. With the gradual launch of hydrogen vehicles the efficient preparation storage of hydrogen has become a major problem to be solved. At present the most important method of hydrogen production is still the extraction of fossil fuels which inevitably causes environmental pollution damage; therefore the development of new efficient cheap hydrogen production methods is the focus of current research. Electrocatalytic water splitting (2H2O → 2h2 O2) is an efficient method for hydrogen production which can obtain high-purity hydrogen (H2) oxygen (O2). H2 can be directly used as energy material O2 is indispensable for human survival which can provide help for patients with dyspnea can also be used as energy storage materials. However due to the lack of cheap efficient catalysts electrocatalytic water splitting is greatly limited Decomposition is widely used on a large scale. Therefore the construction of high efficiency low cost stable catalyst is an important measure to further promote the development of hydrogen energy.

are among the numerous nano catalysts. Transition metal chalcogenides show excellent performance in electrocatalytic water decomposition due to their rich composition unique lattice structure excellent electron transport ability. In addition many researchers also found that transition metal chalcogenides have good sodium potassium storage properties also have unique properties in metal air batteries lithium-ion batteries. Therefore based on the excellent performance potential application prospect of transition metal chalcogenides the research group of Professor Xi Pinxian Professor Tang Yu academician Yan Chunhua of Lanzhou University reviewed the application of new transition metal chalcogenides catalysts in water decomposition. In this paper the synthesis of different transition metal chalcogenides is classified integrated in detail; the atomic level optimization strategy is analyzed explained through morphology phase structure other aspects; the potential application of transition metal chalcogenides in future energy is put forward. The researchers believe that this research work is only the beginning of a systematic review of transition metal sulfides pointing out the direction of their catalysis energy application research providing new ideas for the construction of transition metal sulfides based on atomic control. These materials for energy will provide new impetus for the development progress of energy in the future.

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