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Advanced therapeutics: "two sides" of electrospun fiber membrane and its medical application

wallpapers News 2020-12-08

electrospun fiber membrane has the advantages of large specific surface area three-dimensional space structure small pore size high porosity good continuity. It has been widely concerned in tissue repair drug carrier disease treatment diagnosis. Through functional modification or adjustment of preparation technology the double-sided function of electrospun fiber membrane to promote or inhibit biological processes can be realized. Therefore according to the specific pathological background we can better adapt to the pathophysiological mechanism achieve the real meaning of "precise regulation". Professor Cui Wenguo's team of

has long focused on the application of functional electrospun micro nano fiber membranes in orthopedics other fields. In the aspect of promoting tissue growth we can realize the loading of various drugs through the development of micro sol electrospinning in-situ deposition of functional active substances grafting of biological growth factors construct oriented multilayer hollow or double-sided fiber structure to regulate the fiber morphology so as to realize the promotion of electrospun micro nano fiber membrane on cell adhesion growth proliferation migration. In the aspect of tissue growth inhibition: by loading anti-inflammatory anti-tumor drugs photothermal nanoparticles grafted immune antibodies etc. we can also build environment responsive release properties such as acid-base temperature matrix metal enzymes so as to realize the biomedical application of electrospun fiber membrane in preventing tendon adhesion inhibiting tumor growth recurrence preventing thrombosis pathogen inhibition.

recently the research group published a paper entitled "two sides of electrostatic fiber in promoting innovating biomedical" in the Journal of advanced therapeutics launched by Wiley publishing group In this paper the dual functions of electrospun fiber membrane in promoting or inhibiting tissue growth its medical application are systematically summarized. In this paper the principle equipment technology of electrospinning are systematically described the engineering methods of constructing functional multi-component morphology structure performance electrospun nanofibers are emphasized. Then the effects of the composition secondary structure (including pore cavity core-shell structure etc.) of the functional electrospun fibers on the basic biological processes such as cell division differentiation migration invasion were discussed in detail. In addition the morphology of electrospun micro / nano fiber membrane is also an important factor affecting cell biological process. In the tissues with obvious polarity such as tendon nerve the construction of oriented fibrous membrane can promote the growth differentiation of tissue cells. On the contrary increasing the pore size of fibers or adjusting the cross angle of fibers can inhibit cell adhesion growth which can prevent adhesion. Based on the above principles this paper discusses the promotion of functional electrospun fiber membrane on bone muscle nerve connective tissue regeneration accelerating wound healing the application of inhibiting scar formation tendon peritoneal adhesion tumor development blood thrombosis. Finally according to the complex needs of physiological pathological environment the multifunctional electrospun fiber membrane with biological promotion inhibition was discussed a variety of assumptions were put forward. Electrospun fiber has the advantages of promoting or inhibiting double-sided function diverse composition structure adjustable size large specific surface area etc.

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