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Properties Of Phosphor Powder

wallpapers News 2020-12-11
Physical and chemical properties of phosphorous powder
The shape is purple-red cubic crystal or amorphous powder with metallic luster. Melting point is 590℃, boiling point is 280℃, relative density is 2.34, solubility: soluble in phosphorus tribromide and sodium hydroxide, insoluble in water, carbon disulfide, ammonia and ether.
Phosphorus powder-properties
Purple red or slightly brown amorphous powder, non-toxic, tasteless and shiny. Easy to absorb moisture. d 2. 34, sublimation by heating to 416°C, melting at 43kPa to 590°C. After gasification and condensation, white phosphorus is obtained. Insoluble in water and carbon disulfide, ether, ammonia, etc., slightly soluble in absolute ethanol. The stability is better than that of white phosphorous. It is stable at room temperature, does not emit phosphorescence, and is difficult to react with oxygen. Fire above 200℃. It is mainly reducible, and it is a reducing agent when reacting with halogen and sulfur.

Product Usage
Used to make matches, fireworks, phosphoric acid, phosphorus compounds, medicines, pesticides, incendiary bombs and organic synthesis, etc. Used as a diffusion source in the semiconductor industry, used in the reduction reaction of hydroiodic acid in organic analysis, and used in organic synthesis.
Upstream raw materials: yellow phosphorus, potassium chloride, caustic soda, coke, phosphate rock, graphite electrode, oxygen.
Downstream products: Phosphorus tribromide bromide acetyl bromide aluminum phosphide zinc phosphide flame retardant nylon 6 flame retardant nylon-66 resin red phosphorus methyl iodide hydrobromic acid α-bromoisovaleryl urea hydrobromic acid phosphoric acid superphosphate trichlorophosphorous phosphorus Sodium tripolyphosphate Diphosphorus hexametaphosphate Sodium hypophosphite Sodium hypophosphite Calcium hydrogen phosphate Disodium phosphorus pentoxide Red phosphorus iodoethane methyl iodide O, O-dimethyl thiophosphoramid hydrobromide phosphoric acid perphosphoric acid.

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