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Small: "diagnosis" vs "therapy": bidirectional regulation of singlet oxygen production of luminescent gold nanoparticles

wallpapers News 2020-11-18
As a new type of fluorescent nanoprobes

ultra-small luminescent gold nanoparticles (AuNPs d < 3 nm) have unique tunable optical properties easy surface functionalization good biocompatibility which have attracted much attention in the field of disease diagnosis biomedical imaging. However there are few reports on using ultra-small AuNPs as inorganic nano photosensitizers to produce singlet oxygen (1O2) apply it to photodynamic therapy (PDT). At present the research on the mechanism of small molecule photosensitizer is relatively mature. However due to the special core-shell structure complex surface modification ligs of luminescent AuNPs the influencing factors regulatory mechanism of 1O2 production by luminescent AuNPs are still unclear. As a fluorescent probe luminescent AuNPs need to reduce the production level of 1O2 in the process of "diagnosis" to reduce its biological toxicity; as a nano photosensitizer it needs to promote the production of 1O2 in the process of "treatment" to enhance its PDT effect. Therefore there is a significant difference in the diagnosis treatment of "1auo2".

to solve the above problems Professor Liu Jinbin of South China University of Technology prepared a series of luminescent AuNPs modified by different surface ligs through optimizing the lig design systematically studied them summarized the influencing factors regularity of the production of 1O2 by luminescent AuNPs proposed a method of bidirectional regulation of the production of 1O2 by AuNPs successfully applied it to the regulation of cell level ,

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