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Small: effects of nano cerium dioxide and cerium chloride exposure on growth, physiological and biochemical indexes, yield and quality of kidney bean

wallpapers News 2020-08-03

nano ceria has unique physical chemical properties especially the reversible cycle between Ce3 / Ce4 . It is used as polishing materials electronic ceramics ultraviolet absorbents catalysts catalyst carriers (promoters) automotive exhaust absorbents fuel cell electrolytes so on. It is one of the most important nano materials. In the process of its production use disposal nano ceria will inevitably be released into the environment. Soil is the main sink of man-made nanoparticles in the environment. It is an important part of safety health risk assessment to study the effect of nano ceria on soil plants.

Zhang Zhiyong Key Laboratory of nano biological effects safety Chinese Academy of Sciences studied the effects of different concentrations of nano cerium dioxide cerium chloride on the growth physiological biochemical indexes yield quality of potted kidney beans. It was found that the effects of Nano-CeO2 CE2 on kidney bean were different or even opposite indicating that the mechanism of action of Nano-CeO2 CE2 on plants might be different. The results were published in small DOI: 10.1002/small.201907435. The biological effects of

metal nanoparticles can be attributed to two mechanisms: (1) the effect of released metal ions; (2) the stress or stimulation effect (nano effect) caused by the surface size / or shape of nanoparticles. In this study the effects of nano ceria Ce3 ions at the concentrations of 0 50 100 200 mgcekg-1 on the growth physiological biochemical indexes yield nutritional quality of kidney bean were compared. The results showed that nano ceria Ce3 ions had different or even opposite effects on kidney bean. At the highest concentration (200 mgcekg-1) Nano-CeO2 reduced pod yield induced lipid peroxidation in roots. Ce3 promoted photosynthesis in leaves increased carbohydrate accumulation in pods. This indicates that the phytotoxicity of Nano-CeO2 can not be explained by the released Ce3 ions. Further study on the distribution chemical forms of Cerium in the rhizosphere root after exposure to Nano-CeO2 Ce3 ions is helpful to further explore the mechanism of their physiological effects.

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