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Small: fluorescence "spectrometric ruler" helps uncover the protein crown on the surface of quantum dots

wallpapers News 2020-09-11

semiconductor quantum dots are a kind of functional nano materials with photoluminescence properties. They are widely used in many fields such as sensing imaging optoelectronic devices so on. Their biological safety has also been paid more more attention. When nanoparticles enter into the life system it is easy to interact with various protein molecules to form nanoparticles protein complexes also known as "protein corona" then affect the biological effects of nanoparticles such as cell uptake biocompatibility so on. Therefore it is of great significance to clarify the interaction biological effects between QDs blood proteins in the biological safety evaluation. Because the interaction between nanoparticles protein is a highly dynamic process it is still very difficult to quantitatively analyze the formation process mechanism of protein crown in real time.

the protein adsorption behavior on the surface of quantum dots was studied by fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) method. After the fluorescent labeled proteins are adsorbed on the surface of QDs FRET occurs due to the close distance between them the fluorescence spectrum changes significantly. The FRET acts as a "molecular ruler" in real-time monitoring of protein adsorption process. The chirality of

is one of the most obvious biochemical characteristics of life which plays an important role in maintaining the normal function of life; chiral quantum dots are widely used in chiral enantiomer recognition biosensor. The team used human serum albumin (HSA) InP@ZnS As a model of protein nanoparticles quantum dots (QDs) were quantitatively studied by FRET method. It is found that HSA is active in different chiral systems InP@ZnS The adsorption behaviors of D - l-penicillamine on the surface of QDs are different including affinity orientation. Circular dichroism (CD) spectra further confirmed the difference of conformational changes when HSA interacted with different chiral quantum dots. This work demonstrates the potential of FRET method in the quantitative study of biological effects of nanoparticles.

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