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Small methods: 1 1 > 2, graphene helps to stabilize perovskite solar cells efficiently

wallpapers News 2020-12-20

perovskite solar cells have been widely concerned by researchers because of its superior photoelectric performance simple preparation method low manufacturing cost photoelectric conversion efficiency close to 25.2% of silicon-based solar cells. However the stability problems of perovskite solar cells restrict their commercialization process such as the instability of devices caused by ion migration the non radiative recombination at the interface. Graphene its derivatives have environmental stability compactness their multi-functional groups can modify the interface layers of perovskite films devices (as shown in Fig. 1). In recent years there have been many progresses breakthroughs in the work of using graphene its derivatives to improve the stability of perovskite solar cells.

Fig. 1 Application of graphene its derivatives in perovskite solar cells. However the conductivity of these electrodes is often very low which needs to be overcome by doping or mixing other elements.

2) graphene materials are often used as electrodes in perovskite solar cells by chemical vapor deposition growth substrate transfer method. But this process will leave excess polymer on graphene increase electrode defects. In the future it is necessary to develop new simple methods to uniformly deposit graphene electrodes.

3) through reasonable molecular design graphene its derivatives with specific passivation effect appropriate energy levels are expected to become high-quality charge transfer layer ion barrier layer. The further challenge is how to prepare thinner more uniform graphene films on a larger area.

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