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Small methods: reorganization of bulk structure -- Construction of carbon coated amorphous cobalt iron hydroxide for high efficiency electrocatalysis

wallpapers News 2020-08-07
Compared with the traditional crystalline materials

amorphous materials have more disordered atomic arrangement structure abundant active sites showing better electrocatalytic performance. Electrochemical oxidation induced structural reorganization is one of the effective ways to construct amorphous materials. However at present the amorphous structure based on this strategy is only limited to the surface / near surface of the material its internal structure is still crystalline which makes the active sites in the material unable to be fully utilized. How to realize the amorphous transition of crystalline structure from surface to bulk is a hot difficult topic in recent years. Based on the previous work of "adv-skd1" "park-skd1" Professor Qiu Jiaoji University of science technology Based on the self optimization of electrochemically driven structure controllable construction of defect rich carbon based cobalt oxide materials nano energy 2019 58 778) a phosphorus species promoted deep electrochemical oxidation strategy was proposed to construct carbon coated amorphous cobalt iron hydroxide the crystal phase transformation process was studied in detail. Using carbon skeleton coated cobalt iron phosphide as the pre catalyst the crystalline cobalt iron phosphide was transformed into amorphous cobalt iron hydroxyl oxide by in-situ electro oxidation method based on the leaching of phosphorus components the catalytic activity was significantly increased. In addition the coated carbon framework conductive layer promotes the catalytic activity performance of amorphous materials. Systematic semi in situ analysis shows that the evolution of amorphous structure is strongly "dependent" on phosphorus species leaching. High surface energy vacancies defects will form in the process of phosphorus leaching which drives the structural reorganization of residual species further oxidizes under the condition of electro oxidation to form amorphous cobalt iron hydroxyl oxide. With the continuous phosphorus leaching driven by electro oxidation the amorphous structure gradually penetrates from the surface layer to the bulk phase finally forms the whole phase amorphous structure. The results show that the catalytic activity of hydroxyl coated iron is better than that of amorphous iron. The academic ideas technical methods of

provide innovative design ideas for the construction of amorphous materials in the future also have certain reference significance for the structural design optimization of other materials. The related work is published in small methods 2020 DOI:10.1002/smtd.202000546 It's on.

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