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View: Based on Functionalization Gd@C82 Potential biomedical platform of nanomaterials

wallpapers News 2020-11-22
With the development of nanotechnology

functional nanoparticles including carbon nanomaterials have gradually become a good platform for biomedical applications. Among them fullerenes are a unique class of carbon isomers which have attracted extensive attention since their discovery. When metal atoms or metal clusters are embedded in the fullerene cage the embedded metal fullerenes are formed. Due to the unique external cage internal metal cluster structure metal fullerenes exhibit excellent properties such as good stability paramagnetic properties large specific surface area a large number of unsaturated double bonds on the surface strong oxidation resistance easy surface modification. According to reports metal fullerenes can be modified by polyethylene glycol (PEG) polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) cyclodextrin etc. they can also be chemically modified by functional groups showing biological pharmacological activities.

gadolinium metallofullerenes( Gd@C82 )As a new type of carbon material it has attracted much attention due to its unique properties. Research discovery functionalization Gd@C82 Nanomaterials have great potential in biomedical field. In the early days Gd@C82 Nanomaterials are widely used in the study of new generation of MRI contrast agents because of their good relaxation properties. In recent years more studies have found that Gd@C82 Nano materials also have good anticancer activity. Functionalization Gd@C82 Nanomaterials can inhibit tumor growth by inhibiting tumor angiogenesis Gd@C82 Nanomaterials can destroy the existing tumor blood vessels then cut off the nutrition supply of the tumor killing the tumor; Gd@C82 Nanomaterials can also inhibit tumor growth by regulating the secretion of immune cells cytokines. besides Gd@C82 Nanomaterials can also be used as adjuvant drugs for cancer treatment reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs alleviate the drug resistance of tumor cells. With the deepening of research we found that Gd@C82 Nanomaterials can also regulate glucose lipid metabolism which has potential application value in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is important that Gd@C82 Nano materials have good biocompatibility no obvious side effects. Therefore functionalization is necessary Gd@C82 Nanomaterials have great application prospects in biomedical field are expected to become a very potential biomedical platform.

Professor Wang Chunru of Institute of chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences systematically comprehensively reviewed the functionalization Gd@C82 The latest progress of nanomaterials for tumor diagnosis treatment metabolic disease control biodistribution safety of materials themselves. This paper mainly introduces the research progress of tumor diagnosis treatment. For example it can be used as MRI contrast agents tumor angiogenesis inhibitors vascular blockers immunomodulators tumor adjuvant agents for different degrees of prevention treatment of tumors. The first author of this paper is Li Xue research assistant of Institute of chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences. This paper is published in

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