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You may not know that not all sports shoes are for you

wallpapers News 2020-04-08

Share the most useful knowledge today, and teach you how to choose a pair of sneakers correctly.

The first thing to know is the type of your feet. To determine the nature of the arch of your feet, do not merely subjectively decide which type of foot you are. We recommend the easy-to-use wet foot test method. Put, after your feet are wet, stand on the floor and look at the footprints left. If the middle position is narrow, it is a high arch, and so on.

Second, you can judge the shape of your walking by observing the wear of the sole. You can take off your shoes to see how your treads are worn to understand your feet better. Wear on the front of the sole and outside of the heel: The wear caused by people with standard foot shape means that your foot shape is not much different from most people. There is only wear on the front of the sole: the Achilles tendon may be too tight. It is recommended to do more stretching exercises to loosen the back hamstrings. Wear on the inner side of the footplate: indicates that the footplate is excessively varus or congenital flat feet. In this case, it is recommended that you can choose a harder heel cover or buy a special insole to strengthen the arch support. Wear on the toes: the shoes may be too small! Wear on the outside of the footplate: indicates that the footplate is excessively valgus, or a congenital high foot. It is recommended to choose shoes with substantial shock absorption capacity, and if necessary, correct them with special insoles to correct.

Third, determine the angle of your foot shape and ankle internal rotation: the shoe with excessive internal rotation and flat foot selection should have a straight sole; the pump with insufficient internal rotation and high arch selection should have a curved sole; Normal internal rotation and no internal rotation, corresponding to the normal arch of the shoe, the bottom shoe type should be between the two.

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