FAG plane needle roller bearing clearance maintenance performance characteristics

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FAG bearing if there is no wrong choice can be used correctly, to a flat before the service life of the needle roller bearing, can be used for a long time, on the other hand, there are unexpected early damage, and yield to the early damage of use, as the reasons of early damage, not enough to use the consideration on the lubrication and, in turn, and foreign invasion, the error of the bearing assembly and axis deflection of big, not enough research on shaft and bearing box and so on, so to speak, these reasons the situation more overlap each other.
A comparative study of the design life of various machines in use and the limits of various durable bearings simultaneously determines FAG bearing dimensions. In the selection of FAG bearings, flat needle roller bearings tend to be considered in the aging occurring in grease life, fatigue life of grease, wear resistance, low noise, and also need to be fully studied.
When FAG bearing ring is under rotary load, if clearance fit is adopted for installation, in the rotation process of flat needle roller bearing, the mating surface of the ring will occur creep phenomenon, easy to produce fretting wear, and then burns, cracks and other damages will occur on the mating surface. Therefore, interference fit should be adopted between the ring bearing bearing rotary load and the journal or seat hole of mechanical parts.
In the supporting part of the machine, the plane needle roller bearing should be fixed in radial direction, axial direction and circumferential direction (tangential direction). In general, the axial fixation of FAG bearings is achieved by axial closure or partial radial tightness, and the free side bearings in the mechanism support are often not fixed in the axial direction to compensate for the size changes in the mechanism system during axial installation or thermal expansion and cold contraction.
1. High bearing precision, stable work, reliable.
2. It can operate in high temperature, deep cold and vacuum environment.
3. Complex structure, demanding conditions, magnetic interference to the environment, but no other pollution.

4. Low friction, low power consumption, and ultra-high speed operation.
5. Dc driven bearings should only be active (active) bearings.
6. Permanent magnet bearings can only be passive type (passive type), and passive type bearings cannot be stable in all three directions, at least one direction should be active type.
7. Repulsion magnetic bearing is rarely used due to its low utilization rate of magnetic force and complex structure compared with suction type.
8. Pure electromagnet bearings can only be controlled with 5 degrees of freedom, with large volume, mass and power consumption.

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