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Air China introduces Tianjin-Dalian-Osaka route   04 Mar 2014
Tianjin Airlines starts flights linking Tianjin, Huangshan & Haikou    30 Sep 2013
Jet Asia Airways launches 3 times weekly flights from Bangkok to Tianjin, Nanjing   14 Aug 2013
TransAsia Airways launches Hualien - Tianjin flight   06 Jun 2013
Hong Kong Airlines to launch direct flight between Xiamen and Hong Kong this month   11 May 2013
Tianjin Airlines to launch Tianjin-Daegu flight starting April 4   04 Apr 2013
Tianjin adds flights to S Korean cities of Muan, Jiju   01 Apr 2013
Air China to launch Tianjin-Xi'an-Urumqi route starting March 31   27 Mar 2013
Xiamen Airlines to launch Tianjin-Kuala Lumpur flight   19 Mar 2013
Shijiazhaung Airport to add flight routes to Seoul and Busan   05 Mar 2013
Bangkok-Tianjin passengers landed in Beijing without being informed   19 Feb 2013
Tianjin Airlines to resume daily Tianjin-Harbin service   11 Feb 2013
More outbound flights added at Tianjin's Binhai airport   07 Feb 2013
New Phuket-Tianjin flight route to be launched in January   22 Dec 2012
Air China launches new route from Tianjin to Lijiang via Chongqing   14 Nov 2012
Tianjin travlers can fly to more cities under Tiger-Scoot deal   01 Nov 2012
Tianjin airport opens third S Korea-bound route   04 Sep 2012
Scoot launches direct Tianjin - Singapore flights   26 Aug 2012
Airasia to cancel Tianjin-Kuala Lumpur flights in June   17 May 2012
Qantas Airways' subsidiary Jetstar Airways to open Tianjin route in spring 2013   18 Jul 2011
OK Air to open Changsha-Tianjin-Harbin route   31 May 2011
Tianjin Airlines to launch Nanning-Changsha-Ningbo air route from May 12   06 May 2011
HNA Group to open Huangguoshu-Tianjin air route   05 May 2011
Macau-Tianjin flights to be resumed, Francis Tam Pak Yuen of Macau says   29 Mar 2011
Japanese budge airline to fly to Chinese cities like Tianjin   08 Feb 2011
Air China opens direct Tianjin-Taichung air route   27 Jan 2011
Airlines that have flights to & from Tianjin Binhai International Airport   21 Jan 2011
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