9 popular Muslim restaurants in Tianjin

Updated: 18 Mar 2011
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1. Shan'ao Muslim Restaurant

Add: outside the Hotspring Garden, No.176 Binshui Xidao, Hexi District
Tel: 022-23738888

2. Quanhongshun

Add: Qianjin Dao, Hexi District

3. Hongxinshun Restaurant

Add: No.29, Shaoxing Dao, Hexi District
Tel: 022-23248376

4. Mukamu Xinjiang Flavor Restaurant

Add: first floor, Nanxing Jie Office, No.12, Siwei Lu, Nankai District
Tel: 022-27317888 or 022-81636630

5. Enqinghe Muslim Restaurant

Add: Wumalu, Nankai District
Tel: 022-81598933

6. Xinjiang Turpan Restaurant

Add: No.16, Changsha Lu, Heping District

7. Xinjiang Ali Restaurant

Add: No.24, Heyan Lu, Heping District

8. Huachunlou Meishi Yuan

Add: No.266, Nanmenwai Dajie, Heping District

9. Alaxin Restaurant

Add: Liuwei Lu, Hedong District
Tel: 022-24214303
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