Enjoy genuine Italian food at Trattoria Italiana in Tianjin

Updated: 09 May 2011
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The Trattoria Italiana in Tianjin
Trattoria Italiana is located in the Italian Culture Zone. It's a euphemism for a commercial development of international themed restaurants; so there are a number of choices to be found in this area; depending on your mood.

The facility is immaculate; the service very good; the dining choices are quite varied. The restaurant is on two floors with small dining rooms on each floor; all nicely decorated. I will confess to only trying their pizza on two different visits a few weeks apart. The restaurant does have the services of an Italian chef; Jose Minuti. I met him on my first visit; and he's an engaging guy who is easy to chat with. Most servers speak English; so there are no challenges for western visitors.

As to the pizza; my view is for better or worse; if they can't get that right; anything else on the menu is a gamble; so it's always my first choice when overseas. They get pizza right. Great thin crust; tasty tomato sauce and a decent amount; (Chinese pizza restaurants typically use almost NO sauce); tasty cheese; and nice toppings. I ate early in the evening so the crowd was light on both visits; but the restaurant has been there for almost two years now; so it appears to be viable.

If you're looking for a break in eastern menus; it's a nice change. There are several streets with other restaurants of different themes; can't speak to any of them; but the area is a nice change of pace and there is plenty of space to walk around; and enjoy a nice evening.
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